2015 Banding Visitors

Thanks to all who attended for your patience and courtesy while waiting and asking questions. This is the first year we have counted people at the banding and we were amazed that over 1100 people attended. We think things ran smoothly for such a large, informal event.  It was fun for the staff to meet everyone and to share their love and knowledge of hummingbirds.

Lots of Southeast Idaho people attended, and many made the trip from as far away as Meridian, Idaho; Clarkston, Washington; Colorado; Phoenix, Arizona; Ogden, St. George, and Salt Lake City, Utah; and Big Sky, Montana. We were the first stop for a honeymooning couple from North Dakota. Did someone say "New Zealand"?  Kudos to the girl scout leaders and all the parents who recognize the importance of connecting their children with nature.

Our wonderful staff included licensed hummingbird banders Fred Bassett from Alabama, Carl Rudeen from Mountain Home, Idaho, and Stacy Peterson from Alaska. We also appreciate all our trained helpers; from the Audubon Society, Becky O'Neil and Kindra Shaw; Master Naturalists Pam and Roger Mayes; Dana Thurston, Linda Dieffenbach, Tenille Rudeen, Tim and Deb Rudeen, Cameron and Tayler Peterson, and Forrest Ames. Special thanks to Bill Thurston from Yuma, Arizona who stood in the sun all day to direct traffic. 

To everyone who brought sugar or donated to the banders' fund, we think you are sweet.

Kent and Francine Rudeen