Private Event Tickets

Sold Out

We are deeply sorry to all those who wish to attend, but we are out of tickets. Due to overwhelming demand we issued a limited number of free tickets to the event this year.  Our facilities just can't support the number of people who want to attend the event.  In 2018 we had over 1200 people visit our house. 

1 ticket per vehicle of up to 8 people. No RV’s, No Buses (the road is too narrow and steep).

100 Early Bird Tickets will be available March 15 - Sold Out
100 Regular Tickets will become available May 1st - Sold Out


The banding event is is sponsored by the Rudeen family. It is located a 25 minute drive from American Falls, Idaho. Because it is our private residence we don’t openly advertise the location. Directions will be added to the tickets. Alternatively, email us and we will send directions to the event to ticket holders.