Banding Event Location

The Hummingbird Roundup is held at the Rudeen Ranch south of American Falls, Idaho. Catch a ride with the Portneuf Valley Audubon (www.pvaudubon.org) or drive yourself. We will be banding from 9am to 4pm on Sunday.

Don't try to come through Arbon Valley. The Fort Hall Indian Reservation does NOT allow access and the road is usually in poor condition.

To get to the ranch take I-86 Exit 36, take Highway 37 South 1.8 miles towards Rockland, turn Left on Cold Creek Road (just past Indian Springs Resort). Take Cold Creek Road as it winds through the mountains 7 miles to Moonshine Trail. You may see a house on the right with the name "Rudeen" on it. This is NOT the ranch where we'll be banding, so continue on past it to Moonshine Trail. Drive to 2.7 miles on Moonshine Trail. You can't miss it!

The "address" is 2276 Moonshine Trail. If you have a GPS, the coordinates are: 42.676N 112.749W


It looks like you're heading off into the hills (which you are), but stay on the main dirt road (no major turns to roads left or right) and you should be fine. Along the way you'll see at least one small sign pointing to the "Rudeen Ranch." Eventually you'll crest a hill and see a large water tank on the right with several antique grain thrashers. The name Rudeen Ranch and the elevation are painted on the tank. Just continue down the road as it descends into the valley, and you'll end up seeing the Rudeen Ranch on the right. Be careful coming down the hill. It’s a 7% grade. DO NOT bring an RV or a bus because of the narrow road and the grade. Feel free to park in the yard or along the road before or after the house.

It's a rather small place, but it's the only place for miles! Chances are that all of the traffic you see on that road on Sunday will be coming or going to the Rudeen Ranch.

Look up our location on a map first. We’re kinda "out there" but it's well worth the drive and is really a wonderful, relaxing place to spend the day. Overnight lodging is available in Pocatello and camping is available at Indian Spring Resort or Massacre Rocks State Park. Bring a sack lunch and a camera (lots of neat photo opportunities with hummingbirds). This is a great opportunity to introduce children to nature and hummingbirds so bring your family.

Several ranch dogs and horses are often around the yard, so please leave all of your pets at home. Don't forget drones are pets too (and they freak out the hummingbirds). 

The weather can be very unpredictable in early June so dress accordingly. The elevation at the ranch is 5620 feet. In the past its SNOWED on us! One year it rained so hard that many people turned around on the dirt road (got really muddy) before they got to the ranch. But usually its really brisk and cold first thing in the morning and warms up nicely as the day progresses. If the weather is bad, don't worry, we’ll still be there. If you have any additional questions please email us at least a day prior to the event as there is NO phone, cellular, or internet service at the ranch (hummingbirdroundup@gmail.com).

This is a totally free / no obligation event, so we hope you'll come and enjoy; however, donations to help with costs associated with banding are welcomed.

We hope to see you on June 3rd!